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When choosing your favorite melon, access to the magical vine is just the beginning. Exciting stories, unique merch and free giveaways await you!

Meet The Lil Melonz

Lil Melonz Origins

Long ago on a magical melon vine called Lil Melonz there lived happy little melons. They loved playing games and singing with each other. Until one day a dark mist entered their land, depriving the vines of sunlight. And from that mist arose hungry evil creatures called the Gobsterz, led by a paranoid rat named Gnaw.

On the brink of being completely gobbled up, nine Lil Melonz have joined up to fight back against Gnaw and his hungry troops. But will their efforts be enough to get rid of the Gobsterz and restore sunshine to the vines?

How To Mint

Follow these instructions

  1. Click on “Mint Your Lil Melonz” below
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Click “Mint”
  4. Enjoy your new Lil Melonz friend!